A complete laboratory information management system.

B.A.R.D. LIMS is a complete laboratory information management system (LIMS) offering all the advantages of a traditional LIMS, in addition to meeting the specific needs of a forensic science laboratory. 

  • Analysis requests per case and evidence management
  • Registered samples by analysis request
  • Entry of results and comparison of analysis results per analysis request
  • Analysis reports

B.A.R.D. System



B.A.R.D. LIMS contributes to the management of evidence and the analytical work while ensuring the quality and safety of the information provided by all authorized users. 

Security Manager

The b.a.r.d system offers enhanced security features, such as authentication and user’s authorization, integrity and total data traceability, which all play a decisive role in security and integrity of case information.

B.A.R.D. Interface

b.a.r.d LIMS offers an interfacing capacity in real time with laboratory instruments to reduce manual data entry and thus ensuring a specific transfer from the instruments to the b.a.r.d data server. 

Specific interface to an external system (System Interface & Data Transfer)

To consolidate sharing of information and allow organization to take advantage of the existing technology and infrastructure already in place, the solution of specific interface of an external system represents the potential links which could be developed between b.a.r.d and another information system